Facebook Marketing Consulting

I am hired as a consultant by outside companies to come and teach their team how to build, manage, and monetize ALL Facebook marketing techniques.

Think about traditional marketing & advertising agencies looking to expand their services. They will reach out to me for a 1-day workshop.

Or a local small business owner who wants more foot traffic to their store but doesn’t even know where to begin with Facebook, let alone the internet, and can’t afford the extra expense of hiring help. I will teach them the basics and provide a step-by-step guide for them to follow and always keep as a reference.

My services can benefit ANY business owner. I will work with your current marketing team to make them Facebook ad superstars. I will teach you how a long-term skill that you can use for all ventures that you have a position in.

A 1-day workshop could change the survivability of your business. Give me a call and let’s set it up!

AdWords can get you traffic for $1.10/click if you’re lucky.

Facebook ads can get you traffic for $0.85/click on a bad day.

With Facebook Lead Ads, my average Cost Per Lead is around $0.55.

With a Dark Post Ad on a $20 lifetime budget, I can generate an average of 1,000 comments, 2,500 likes, and 500 shares.

A Facebook post with a chatbot sequence linked to it usually maintains a conversion rate of 80-90%…

Facebook Experts get better results on a smaller budget. 

Facebook, in particular, is considered the most powerful marketing platform on the internet. The only issue is that it’s only at its beginning stages of life. Facebook is an evergreen platform that goes through extreme updates on what seems to be a monthly basis.

Most people and business owners don’t have time to keep up with its altercations, so they learn Facebook ads at the most basic level and never revisit the subject. As laws and limitations change, so does the ability to create high-performing Facebook ads. Targeting capabilities are deteriorating, and your ad approval rate just dropped about 65% in April 2018.

Whether Facebook ads and social marketing has gained your interest or not, it is no debate that the world of internet marketing has taken a shift in its direction.

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