How It All Got Started


I know what some of you may be thinking…

“Who is this baby-faced 23-year-old, and why does he claim to be a digital marketing consultant?”

I get it, I might feel the same way. But, let’s not forget whose generation is taking over the digital business world at a rapid pace.

Let’s take a look at some of my achievements, and experiences that have earned me the credibility and reputation.



For the past 5 years, I have been living and breathing digital marketing. I wanted to teach myself everything there was to know about it. I started practicing and mastering everything from SEO’s, AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Ads, WordPress Websites, Sales Funnels, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, etc.… I have read so many books that I couldn’t even begin to count. I took every single HubSpot Certification that I could, and then I was blessed with an internship at Social Vantage, one of the top social media marketing firms in the United States.



After having to attend 3 different universities, I miraculously graduated in 4 years. The reason I say that is because during my classes I would do the polar opposite of pay attention to my professor. Instead, I chose to educate myself. (Huge waste of tuition money, I know, but I’ve already paid off the loans with money I made from Volt). I would sit in class and read blogs on digital marketing, watch video tutorials, practice and implement the things I learn, and most importantly, try to obtain clients as a freelancer on Real life experience didn’t scare me.

I was getting clients with no real experience. Although there came a price to pay for this risk: my monthly retainers were only $300.00! I didn’t want to: 1. Waste a ton of my clients’ money, and 2. Make them upset and leave negative feedback about me. So, I took it slow and steady and it taught me how to stay humble, organized, and develop professional relationships. It also gave me a ton of opportunities to implement new strategies that I’d either read about or created.



I had kept persistent in my learnings and stuck with Volt Digital Co. growing it as much as I could handle. At this point I was not an expert yet, I was not “killing it” but I was doing every single job thoroughly, making sure that the deliverables and results were up to customer satisfaction. By then, my retainers were still only $300-$500. I maintained this pricing structure all throughout my remainder of college and continued to learn and progress. I did not have somebody to talk to or brainstorm ideas with. I did this as a one man army.



Up to date – Now, I have worked with over 70+ companies, contracts or non-contracts, and have helped them in some ways that should be considered priceless. One of the biggest moments in my career is facilitating a 9.5 million dollar deal with Lowe’s. Volt Digital Co. is growing at a monthly rapid pace, and I am excited to teach you younger entrepreneurs how I single handily scaled Volt into a high 6-figure agency in only a few months while keeping expenses as low as possible. I am happy to spread my knowledge about Facebook advertising in particular. I have excelled in all aspects of FB Ads and have found that it is one of the most imperative forms of digital advertising for any size company.

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