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Christian DeVaul

CEO & Founder of Volt Digital Co.

My name is Christian DeVaul, and I help business owners grow their online presence by teaching their team how to create tested & proven Facebook ads through a step-by-step formula!

I am a highly trained & experienced digital marketing strategist with quick-witted sales tactics. In just 4 months of working full-time, I scaled a very successful digital marketing agency (Volt Digital Co.) to a high 6-figure company. All while keeping the expenses below $2,000 per month!

Starting as a freelancer, I took every job I could get. Gaining experience was the #1 priority on my list at all times. I did this as a part-time gig until I was confident and ready to make the next big step towards growth. I did not just stop at Facebook Ads. Instead, I thoroughly taught myself the in’s and out’s of all things digital marketing. This allowed me to acquire a wide range of skills that business owners desire and rely on! At the end of the day, Facebook ads are my specialty, and I am thrilled to share my knowledge with anyone willing to learn!

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