Discover the Power of Facebook Marketing

Advanced Facebook Pixel Tracking
Facebook Pixels are a crucial part of any social media marketing strategy. They give users the ability to track conversions and metrics, create custom audiences, and optimize campaigns for designated objectives.
Best Practices for Business Manager
This is one of the most powerful marketing platforms available for digital marketing. It can also cause a ton of confusion and, if not set up properly, can result in deactivated ad accounts or a lifetime ban. The structure of your Business Manager can make or break your marketing team!
Proper Campaign Structure
Depending on your goals and objectives, there are certain types of campaigns that you should and should not run. I will teach you everything from campaign objective to headlines and body copy. In addition, all ads should be organized in a simple yet effective manner! This makes life 10x easier when running split tests!
Superior Facebook Targeting
It goes without saying that targeting is one of the most important factors of a successful Facebook ad. Learn how to find your exact target audiences and optimize them for retargeting!
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